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We have 17 years Experience

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We specialize in writing unique bespoke code and internet Security


Internet Security and File Safety

FILEBACKUP is a set and forget solution

File and Folder Backup

This Simple service is what you need, start today and know you are safe.


We provide economical web solutions for Small Business with cool website design and load of features.


Packed with features

You can update and edit your own pages

Unlimited pages   |  No bandwidth limit   |  No Diskspace limit  |  unlimited email accounts

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We understand that just having a website is ok but to have your website on page one of a search engine is GREAT.

We have helped many small businesses with a limited internet budget to realize that the internet is a powerful tool for bringing in customers. The key to success on the internet revolves around creating a good site with no errors and then have a plan to drive traffic (internet visitors to your site) and the best way to be successful on the internet is to be on page one of a search engine.

We have investigated sites that have one page, no content, no pictures and still get a Page Rank of 4 from google, we have investigated website velocity and many other strategies and found strong reliable, Search Engine friendly techniques to quickly get a site on the the first page of local search engines.


We provide economical web solutions for Small Business with cool website design.


Affordable, Professional Services


Cloud Internet Solutions is a small, full service design and marketing company.

We offer a variety of marketing related services. These include logo design, brochures, website design, hosting, online marketing and much more.

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We provide

Custom Applications and Cellphone Apps

We have been designing windows and android device apps for 17 years, we specialize in apps that are virtual machines or virtual employees. Our virtual employees work 24 hours a day and are best suited for online advertising. We have had remarkable success helping many businesses market there products and services online. #Website Design Hamilton NZ

Website Design Hamilton NZ

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